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YAN Appoints Hon Adara Stephen Abiodun As The National Director Administration Lagos Office

The National Leadership of Youth Assembly of Nigeria (YAN) ably led by His Youthfulness, Rt Hon Shuaibu Sani has appointed Hon Adara Stephen Abiodun as the National Director Administration Lagos Office.

His Youthfulness, Rt Hon Shuaibu Sani made the appointment known through a communique, the communique read:

"Compliment of the day fellow colleagues in the  struggle."

"I'm pleased to announce  the appointment of Hon Adara Stephen Abiodun as the National Director Administration(Lagos Office)."

"The appointment is sequel to the fact that Lagos is more than just another state in the Nigerian federation. It has a special status because it still harbours a huge number of federal establishments which could not be moved to Abuja. Hence the new appointee will constantly liaise with the Chief of Staff(Office of the National Speaker) and undertake the following duties:

1) Keep in touch with most of these federal establishments, agencies and corporations and facilitate meetings for and on behalf of the National Leadership 

2) Strategize with all relevant institutions both public and private and come up with programs and activities that has direct meaningful bearing on the youths of Lagos State 

3) Carry out any other task that maybe assign to you in line with the modus operandi of the Assembly."

"It is pertinent to note that this appointment is at the pleasure of the National Speaker and may be terminated at his discretion. The appointment takes immediate effect please." 

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