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Akachi Nwoke gives university scholarship to 2000 Nigerian youths

Akachi Nwoke apart from The scholarship project has other projects including The Free Hospitals, The Free Restaurants, The Free School projects (a basic education program for over 3000 children from nursery up to secondary level), the undergraduate learn and earn project which pays students even as they attend school. 
According to Akachi Nwoke, this vision was birthed as an undergraduate at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri on the backdrop of his exclusion from the exam hall for his inability to pay his fees on time. In his words, “Ever since I was driven out of that exam hall twelve years ago because of delay in paying school fees in FUTO, I have not seized to find ways to make sure that everyone that wants to go to school can go to school”.

The scholarship is into Emerald University, Tansian University, Covenant Polythecnic and Dorben Polythecnic.

Congratulations to all the two thousand beneficiaries, we hope you do God and your nation proud!

Special thanks to Dr David Ogbueli, Williams Uchemba and every inspiration that has made this possible.

See pictures below:

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